What are the benefits of having a wedding videographer?

May 18, 2022

When you’re planning your wedding, you’ll hear most people put a heavy emphasis on photography. And for good reason - photos are such an important part of your day! But one aspect that isn’t as emphasized (but is equally as important) is videography. As a photographer and filmmaker, I’ve seen firsthand how much my couples value both the precious photos and video of their wedding day. My goal is for all of my couples to make an informed decision as to whether or not they want videography added onto their photography package, so let’s talk a bit about the benefits!

The experience of photos vs video

When I chat with my couples about videography, I like to highlight the experience you have when viewing your photos vs your video. When you get your photo gallery back, you usually send your favorites to friends and family, print them out, save them to your phone, etc. Photos are meant to be displayed, and looked at quite often! On the other hand, viewing your wedding video will be a completely different experience. You might only watch it once or twice a year on your anniversary, or when you have a family get-together. Being able to relive your wedding day through video on special occasions is an experience that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

Audio adds an entire layer of emotion

When you’re viewing your photos, you’re only engaging one of your senses: sight. Of course that’s all you need to be transported back to the happiest day of your life and feel everything all over again. But with video… you’ll be able to hear so many of the special moments that were also captured on photo. You and your wedding party crying happy tears before you walk down the aisle, your partner telling you how fantastic you look during your first look, your friends & family laughing and having a great time during cocktail hour. Those are all moments that you can relive through video in a special way that you can’t with just photos!

Wait, how do you capture both photo and video? Will I miss some photo moments?

Absolutely not! If you choose a hybrid package, I will have a second photographer there throughout the duration of your day. While I switch between photo and video the whole time, my second will be shooting photo the entire day. That way you get all the photos you would if you didn’t add videography, as well as a highlight film showcasing the best moments from your wedding. 

If you already have a photographer and just need a videographer, I offer video-only services as well! If you want someone who is 100% dedicated to only filming your wedding day, you definitely have that option too. Or if you want me to just photograph your day and hire an outside dedicated videographer, I can give you some awesome recs. 

If you’re still on the hunt for a Rocky Mountain wedding photographer…

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Music sets the mood

Going along with the last point about audio, it’s not even just about hearing everyone on your wedding day. As a filmmaker, I spend so much time choosing the right music for your wedding video to accurately convey the mood of your day. Music adds such an emotional touch to the experience, and it’s no simple choice picking the perfect sound! When I tell you that viewing your wedding video is an immersive experience, I mean it. It’s meant to make you feel all the feels and relive a tangible piece of your day in the most authentic way possible.

You’ll see moments that you missed the day-of

So many things happen on your wedding day that you and your partner are totally unaware of, simply because you’re so busy soaking everything all in. When you choose to add on videography, I get to capture so many moments that you probably would have missed otherwise! While you’re in the bathroom, I’m filming your mom throw down on the dance floor. If the timeline is planned efficiently, I’m filming something like your partner getting ready while you’re still eating breakfast. While you’re living in the moment, I’m making sure to capture the ones that everyone else is living.

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