My wife's name is Gabe and together we have a dog Stella and two cats Stirling and Cyril. If you are a fan of the cartoon Archer you'll understand why I love our cats names so much. And Stella is a name that's just fun to yell. But she also has a whole lot of nick names like bean, bean-o-rino, bean tree, beaner, beany baby.. and whatever I feel like calling her.

My family

As a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community I believe in inclusivity for everyone. It doesn't matter your gender identity, pronouns or preferences. When you work with me love and respect are a part of the deal. You are always worthy of love and I'm here to wave the flag and help you celebrate that love in a big way!

My name is Lindsay


Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery - celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to."
- Jim Jarmusch

“Nothing is original. 

I didn't grow up with a camera in my hand.. to the contrary I actually couldn't be bothered to use one because I thought it was just too much work. Then in 2008 when I was attending University and while studying in the Faculty of Architecture we were all required to take a variety of arts classes in order to present our work. So amid drawing, drafting, model building and digital design was photography. It was only once I realized the power I had behind a real camera I was hooked! 

How I got started in photography

Very quickly I realized just how much there was to learn and that drove me to try new things, practice, get inspired and try the next new thing. Over the years I've tried all different types of photography and loved taking my camera along in my travels and still photograph landscapes whenever I get the chance. I discovered along my journey that I absolutely adore capturing weddings! Wedding days are always incredibly exciting and I thrive in the high of the day. Feeling so alive I knew I had found my happy place, combining photography (and now film) with the excitement and joy of weddings!

11 facts

about me

Doughnuts are my absolute favourite treat.


I LOVE animals, horse riding, playing with my dog and can't wait to have space to raise chickens!


I’m an adrenaline junkie and can’t wait to learn to skydive and one of my dreams is to complete a solo HALO jump (for anyone who doesn’t know means high altitude low open so you start between 25,000-30,000 ft and don’t open your chute until under 2,000 ft)


I used to be a circus and sideshow entertainer. Swallowing swords, playing with fire and standing on my bed of machetes. I’ve performed at the Edmonton Fringe outdoor circles among many other fun performances.


I have a degree in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning.


I love cars & F1 racing. (Please tell me someone else out there likes F1 more than hockey)


I love learning about other cultures and took multiple courses in University studying Ancient Greek and Roman mythology and culture. My professor hated the movie 300 for all it’s inaccuracies... we had a whole class on that..


I’m obsessed with all the Marvel superheros but will always have a spot in my heart for Batman (Michael Keaton was the best Batman, you can fight me on it but I’m not changing my mind.)


I’m an avid painter and prefer to work with oils myself, I love finding new artists and can’t wait to grow my personal art collection.


I adore horror movies and got married on Friday the 13th.


I love reading and while I read a lot of non-fiction and personal development genres my favourite fiction book is Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but they butchered the movie and I won’t let it go!


You had me at hello!

All great stories start somewhere, and I can't wait to be a part of yours!
So reach out and say hi!

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