Traveling to Panama for a yoga + hoop retreat

FEB 2012

Hula hooping was once a huge part of my life. It brings me so much joy and it to this day one of my favourite ways to move my body, dancing and hula hoops. So in February of 2012 I won a ticket to attend a hula hoop + yoga retreat at Valle Escondido Resort in Boquete, Panama.

I was so excited when booking my flight to realize that just prior to the retreat Carnival was happening in Panama City so I decided to go a couple of days early! I was solo for the first couple days of my trip and met lots of friends while I explored and after a couple days met up with some of the other ladies attending the retreat. I got a chance to explore Panama City as well as visit the party several times both day and night. Carnival is a huge party full of dancing, costumes and fun! There are water trucks, confetti, parades and so much more to experience. The event in Panama is the second largest, only behind Rio.

While in Panama City I stayed at Luna's Castle Hostel. With some of my new friends who I met up with we explored more of the city including some markets as well as Panama Canal

Then we left for Boquete by bus and once there the resort was absolutely incredible! We had such a great time spending our days both on and off the resort, doing yoga and hula hooping, eating amazing food and oh my gosh the coffee! It was by far the best coffee I've ever had in my life! You could tell who worked in the coffee industry because they had trucks that were full off sticky residue in the back from hauling coffee beans. We enjoyed nights out with the freshest PinĂ£ Coladas I've ever tasted. We finished our time there with a short hoop performance and playing and hula hooping with some of the locals.

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