Surprise Proposal in Jasper
at Pyramaid Island

FEB 5, 2022

The second I heard “surprise proposal in Jasper,” your girl was all ears. First of all, I absolutely love surprises, so nothing made me more excited than this inquiry. Second of all, I’m pretty darn good at keeping secrets, so I knew this was gonna be quite a fun project!

How it all started // Surprise proposal in Jasper

To give you a little bit of background… Trent found me via Google and reached out to me in early January. He explained to me that his girlfriend, Kathleen, had a birthday coming up and he really wanted to celebrate by asking her to be his wife. How cute is that? He asked me if I would be interested in helping him plan the surprise proposal, to which I of course said yes. I practically squealed with excitement when I read his email, because how often do you get to plan something so special? Of course I’m used to giving my couples awesome experiences during their engagement sessions, but this was something that I don’t get to do everyday! 

I got so excited about connecting with this couple and being a part of a new chapter in their love story. I immediately started thinking up ideas of how to surprise Kathleen and all the ways we could blow her socks off. It took some time to finalize all the details, but we got it done! Once Kathleen and Trent finalized their travel plans, it was time for me to decide on which locations would be the best for this awesome couple. I hopped on a call with Trent to discuss all of the location ideas I had, what time of day would work best, and how exactly we were going to surprise Kathleen. After reviewing the game plan from start to finish and deciding on the cue, we were all set and ready to go!

The day is finally here!

Then the surprise proposal day came in all its glory… and I couldn’t have been more excited. It was in early February so it was still quite chilly, but it was a beautiful day nonetheless. The wind definitely didn’t hold back for us, but it ended up adding to the drama of the day, which of course I’m a fan of. When I showed up to the proposal spot, my first thought was “Okay, this couple knows how to dress” and I loved how stylish they were. Especially because I obviously couldn’t communicate to Kathleen that she’d probably want to plan out her outfit with the intention of getting engaged. When they showed up in their ‘fits, I knew Kathleen wasn’t going to have any outfit regrets! 

When I introduced myself to Kathleen, I made it a point to let her know how sweet I thought it was that her boyfriend wanted to gift her a couples session for her birthday. I asked her if they were celebrating in any other ways, and tried to keep the conversation lighthearted and fun. I’m quite a good actress if I do say so myself, and I kept my cool like an absolute champ given how stoked I was. We started out the session like any other couples shoot, and they were killing it in front of the camera, as you can tell. 

Once we got a few photos in, we headed to the edge of the island where everything was supposed to go down. We decided that Trent was going to propose on the frozen lake, so as we were heading over the suspense was building! Although Trent was nervous, he got down on one knee and Kathleen was as shocked as ever. The plan worked out FLAWLESSLY! Kathleen’s reaction was priceless, and the second I saw her face I knew she hadn’t suspected a thing. Which meant that Trent and I actually pulled it off without a hitch! Kathleen was so excited to say yes, and before I knew it there was a ring on her finger and they were crying happy tears. The ring from Custom Made was perfect, Trent did such an awesome job designing it!

You had me at hello!

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