Stacy + Darren's acreage wedding

Oct 23, 2021

When I met Stacy they had been planning and re-planning through pandemic challenges. They were so excited to be married and to be able to celebrate and really wanted to be able to do so with their families in attendance. There was an opportunity for them while family was visiting from Ontario to just take the leap and have the wedding on their property.. so they did! They are such sweet souls and it was incredible to be able to celebrate with them and be a part of their love story.

Check out the hybrid wedding photography + film for this amazing acreage wedding!

There is a laundry list of unforgettable moments from this wedding day, from the beginning right to the very end. We started the day behind schedule (which happens and I'm always prepared to go with the flow) but in this case part of the reason for the delay was the bride getting pulled over trying to get back from hair and makeup that ran late! Now THAT is going to be a fantastic story to tell, and what a way to kick off your wedding day! 

And the weather all day.. was a mixed bag! We got a great mix of overcast, heavy rain and chilly air and then we ended the evening with a thick dump of fluffy white snow! Now snow in October isn't really strange for Alberta but the thing that stuck with me was on my one hour drive home the first 30 minutes was limited visibility, very heavy snow, slushy and gross roads and in an instant it's like it switched off and the last half of my drive was dry and snow free. 

But in between the crazy beginning and the snowy end there was a beautiful celebration. We laughed, we danced, a snowball fight broke out and we could feel the joy radiating through everyone in attendance. I am so happy they made their day happen so perfectly imperfect. 

The day of the wedding was one we couldn't forget!

They have one of the most incredible engagement stories! They were traveling in Germany and by their own description like a fairytale! They woke up at 5:30am to visit Berg Eltz Castle with friends before the crowds came. Can you even imagine that? Darren got down on one knee in the early hours of the morning at a literal castle! And of course Stacy said yes! 

The engagement.

Venue(s): The couples home acreage and shop.
Hair: The bride's sister did her hair!
Makeup: Chatters Salon in Spruce Grove

Catering: Sorrentino's
Cake: The groom's aunt made their cake!
Attire: Brides dress purchased from The Bridal Boutique, Grooms Suit from Tip Top Tailor.
Rings: Their rings came from their grandparents! which is so incredibly sweet!

Other Vendors

Every wedding is unique and special and whether that means getting married at home with your grandparents rings or going on a wild and amazing adventure I can't wait to share in the story you write.

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