How to Get Married in Jasper,
Everything You Need to Know

June 8, 2022

If you’re planning on getting married in Jasper, congratulations! This is seriously such a beautiful area to tie the knot, no matter what type of celebration you’re planning. Lucky for you, I’m a local wedding photographer and can give you all my juicy tips and tricks on how to get married in Jasper. Keep reading to learn everything that you need to know!

My favourite wedding ceremony & reception locations in Jasper

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
Ceremony + Reception

If you want an over-the-top (in the best way possible) Jasper wedding, Fairmont would be the perfect venue for you. They offer both indoor and outdoor wedding spaces, giving you all the flexibility you need. And if you’re wanting to host all of your guests onsite, they have group accommodation options with their signature wedding cabins. They have tons of super cool add-ons that you can take advantage of for your wedding; s’mores packages, sundeck champagne toasts, canoe ride for two, round of golf, just to scratch the surface. If you’re truly looking for a wedding experience that you and your guests will never forget, I definitely recommend going with Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

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Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen

One of the reasons I love this Jasper reception venue is because their outdoor patio overlooks Jasper’s deepest canyon. Who wouldn’t want a view like that on their wedding day? They can accommodate anywhere from 70-140 guests, so you have a good amount of space to work with. It’s located only 10 minutes from the town of Jasper (talk about convenient??) and sits right along the Maligne Canyon.

You can also do a virtual walk through of the space if you click HERE.

Lobstick Lodge Hotel
Ceremony + Reception

This hotel is right in the heart of the town of Jasper, so it’s (conveniently) centrally located. They have an amazing deck with floor-to-ceiling windows with the best mountain views that you can imagine. One of the best things about Lobstick Lodge is that you can reserve a block of rooms for your guests at a discounted rate, so that everyone can all be in one place. 

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Athabasca Day Use Area 

This area will give you a beautiful backdrop for your Jasper wedding. Because it is an outdoor area, it can get pretty warm in the summertime, and there’s no shade for your guests. So if you’re planning a summer wedding in Jasper and want to have your ceremony here at the Athabasca Day Use Area, you should consider having it earlier in the morning or later during sunset. 

The maximum number of guests for this site is 150 people, but there’s bench seating for 120 guests. A cute little wedding arbour is also one of the included amenities in your reservation! There’s a non-refundable admin fee of $13.50 for every reservation here. It’s about $200 for every 3 hours to reserve this area, and the very last time slot (6:30 p.m. to midnight) is 5.5 hours for the same price. 

To make your reservation at Athabasca Day Use Area, you can do so here

Pyramid Island

Pyramid Island is a ceremony-only space for your Jasper wedding. If you plan on holding your ceremony here, it can get pretty busy during peak tourist times! Unfortunately they don’t close off the area for ceremony reservations, so I recommend choosing a time where you’ll have the most privacy. Sunrise or sunset ceremonies would be ideal for this location, or in the off-season for tourism. As for parking, the space is pretty limited, so providing transportation for your guests would be the most considerate option. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that Pyramid Island can get pretty muddy at times, but if you and your peeps are down with that, it shouldn’t be an issue! Speaking of guests, you can have up to 50 of your friends & family in attendance. The reservation rate is $49 per hour, and you can book up to 3 time slots in a row for your ceremony, 

To make a reservation for Pyramid Island, you can do so here.

Pyramid Lake Resort
Ceremony + Reception

If you're having your ceremony at the Pyramid Island ceremony site, this would be the reception venue to go along with it. It’s located only steps away from the site, and it’s the only resort that’s right on Pyramid Lake. There are 2 different venue spaces here at the lodge, and both can hold up to 90 people. This intimate chalet-style resort would be perfect for a stunning lakeside mountain wedding in Jasper. 

Above Image sourced from Google, credit unknown.

Above Image sourced from Google, credit unknown.

Tekarra Lodge
Ceremony + Reception

If you’re planning a more intimate wedding, Tekarra Lodge is worth considering for your big day. Their guest count limit is only 30 guests, so that’s why I would only recommend this venue option for smaller celebrations. It’s located within Jasper National Park, so you can host your ceremony + reception onsite and then take photos in the park with total ease. 

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Jasper Inn & Suites
Ceremony + Reception

Another small venue, Jasper Inn & Suites has a quaint outdoor terrace that can accommodate a handful of your closest friends and family. The outdoor terrace is only available during the summer months, so if you’re planning an intimate summer wedding this is definitely the venue for you. 

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Forest Park Hotel
Ceremony + Reception

Last but not least on the list of Jasper wedding ceremony & reception venues: Forest Park Hotel. This location can accommodate groups of varying sizes, up to a total of 240 guests. So if you’re planning a big, fun-filled wedding, here’s your venue! They have three different onsite spaces to choose from depending on what your guest count is for your day. They offer in-house catering (yum!) and a team of on-site wedding planners to help you through every step of the process. And to make it easier for you, they also offer discounts for group accommodations. 

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Overlander Mountain Lodge
Ceremony + Reception 

The wedding (and reception!) venue is located about 40 minutes outside of Jasper and has some beauuttiiful options for both indoor and outdoor events. If you choose to have your ceremony outdoors, you can even have a mountain backdrop! They have a dedicated wedding & event planner that will be with you every step of the way to ease some of the wedding planning stress off of you. 

Keep in mind that if you want to hold both your ceremony and reception here at Overlander Mountain Lodge and go into Jasper National Park for photos, you’ll have to allocate the necessary travel time. If you don’t mind the distance, this is a great wedding venue!

You can technically get married anywhere outdoors in Jasper, as long as you respect the general rules and regulations set out. If you choose this option, they recommend a max of 25 only ceremony guests to stay on the safe side. So if you want to just embrace nature as your backdrop, you can just plan to visit a spot you love and get married there! One of my favourite ceremonies was right along a Jasper trail with a beautiful view. Sometimes the simpler the better when it comes to choosing a ceremony location.

When should you get married in Jasper?

Jasper gets about 49 inches of snow per year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t times you can enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. Summer is always a super popular time to visit because of how enjoyable the temps are, but it’s also peak tourist season. So if you want to get married in Jasper in the summer, keep that in mind! We get the most snowfall/freezing during the months of October through April, so if you’re not trying to have a snowy wedding, I would avoid getting married in those months. 

Something to keep in mind: Being in the mountains means that we can get a wide range of weather including sun, cloud, rain or snow. Conditions may mean mud, so I would recommend preparing for that. Know that your dress will get wet, muddy and maybe end up full of twigs. 

What you should know about choosing your Jasper wedding vendors

One really important aspect of getting married in Jasper that I want to highlight is choosing your vendors. You have two different options when it comes to this: booking the vendors that are located in Jasper, or paying travel fees for outside vendors to be with you on your wedding day. If you choose to book the vendors that are already located and licensed in Jasper, that will eliminate the extra cost of travel fees! 

On the flip side of that, there are limited options when it comes to Jasper based wedding vendors. The vendors that are available are very talented and I have no doubt would do a flawless job, but just keep in mind that you will not have the same flexibility that you would have when shopping with other vendors. For example, there is only one hair & makeup artist located in Jasper, and they are salon-only. This means that they won’t be able to travel to your venue to get you and your wedding party done up for your day, which could be a dealbreaker for some couples. 

There is also only one florist in Jasper who is very talented! But if you don’t think they’d be a great fit for you or aren't available you’ll have to find another outside vendor. When choosing outside vendors, they must be licensed to be business in Jasper in order for everything to be legal. 

Transportation for your Jasper wedding

Depending on where you’re planning on having your wedding ceremony and reception, parking and accessibility might not be very convenient for your guests. If this is the case, you should look into local transportation that will make everyone’s lives a little easier. Alpine Art Transportation offers services for vendors, wedding parties, and wedding guests, so it would definitely be a great option to look into! 

How to get married in Jasper - The last thing you need to know!

Now you know everything you need to know about how to get married in Jasper. Now it’s time to book me, your photographer and videographer! And as an added bonus I don't charge any additional travel fees! To inquire about your date, you can fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. In the meantime, feel free to keep up with me day-to-day over on my Instagram

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